Tips On Creating A Wooden Shelf On The Wall Paste With Ease

Currently have a House with a spacious building of course be craving. But unfortunately the building looking for a spacious home for the moment feels hard and certainly requires considerable yan funds. But that does not mean having a narrow House can’t make the House your dream home. It’s been a lot of specific tips that can make your narrow houses became more interesting.

Wooden Shelf On The Wall

One of the ways that being the current trend is to use wooden shelves for extra storage walled paste your stuff like books, home decorations, can even be a place your electronic goods such as television, dvd or speakers.

In addition, a wooden stick shelves usually can also be used as a component of your home decor so it looks more exciting to look at. Even you can also use this sticky shelves for storing dangerous goods when exposed to reach kids at home such as goods-glassware.

To have this sticky wooden shelf, you don’t have to buy it. You can make it yourself at home with ingredients. Well here’s tip to make wooden shelves on the wall paste with ease.

Tips On Creating A Wooden Shelf On The Wall With Sticky Cheap

The ingredients the makers of wooden shelves:

  • Wood or multiplex
  • Spikes (small size)
  • Screw
  • Paint wood
  • Order iron (you can order it)

Tools maker of wooden shelves:

  • Hammer, used for nailing the multiplex.
  • Saws, are used for cutting wood or multiplex
  • Drill, used to attach the iron frame on the wall of the House
  • Sandpaper, used for smoothing wood piece on the former.

Steps to make a wooden shelf paste:

Prepare iron frame you will use. You can set up the frame of the iron as the letter E for tips on creating a wooden shelf on the wall is a simple paste.

BER pit on the side frame of the iron so that it can be affixed with nails.
For wooden shelf, you can cut the wood into 2 layers match the size you need.

Sandpaper the wood part has been cut so smooth

Connect the parts of the wood that has been cut in accordance with the model of wooden shelves you want. You can use a small nail-nail. But leave one side of the wood to enter the iron frame.

After that, you can use paint color to dye wood shelves to your liking.

Then install the iron frame on the wall and drill using the bolt so that it is strong.
Insert the wooden shelves that have been created on order of iron that has been installed.

It is very easy not to make it? Tips on creating a wooden shelf wall paste in this simple you can do yourself at home. There are actually several types of wood types that you can create, there is even some kind of sticky wood installation you can do. There are two types of paste wood shelves when the model is distinguished from the installation, including:

Wooden shelf with the adhesive paste

Well here’s tip to make wooden shelves on the wall paste with a cloth adhesive.

Prepare some fabric adhesive. You can buy it in stores nearby buildings. Usually on fabric adhesive to include bolt bolt bolt length and fisher used to hold fabric adhesive on the walls of your home. so you don’t have to drill your wood shelves.

Draw a horizontal line at the wall which you will paste your wood shelves

You can use the two pillars of the framework to make it more powerful

Attach the wooden shelves on the framework that will be tacked on the wall of your home. We recommend using the bolt fisher.

Mark the location of the pole placement of your frame by using a pencil. Draw a vertical line and the intersection of both lines this will determine your location for installing wood bolt on the wall.

Then attach the fabric adhesive on the vertical position and install the bolts in the middle of the fabric adhesive.
Remove the clear plastic on fabric adhesive and then paste it on the side of the top of your wood shelves. for maximum results try not to pull off the adhesive fabric-place your order for rekatnya power is not lost.

Wooden shelf with iron elbow patch

Well here’s tip to make wooden shelves on the wall paste with angled iron that you can follow:

You can use the pole framework to help put the wooden shelves on a diinding your room.

Use a ruler to mark the location of the midpoint of the pole framework with the vertical line.

Place the wooden shelves on a position in between the pillars of the framework.

You can use the iron elbow L-shaped so that the iron can stick on wooden shelves and walls of your home.

Install the bolt on a iron elbow L using the drill. Try to bolt that you use longer than the thickness of your wood shelves.

You can request the assistance of another person to hold your wood shelves in order to position its placement right when you pair the bolts on the iron elbow.

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